Sunday, January 19, 2014

We Are Birds Documentary Website launch!!!

We Are Birds Documentary

This is a story of Native Americans in Southern California that continue to exist in today's society and still remain culturally intact. With many Indian traditions that have disappeared one has remained to stay strong and is continually growing today, "Bird Singing"
Throughout our history, it has been generations and generations of Native men and women who have left us the Birdsongs for the people who exist today and in the future. With our songs, we have a chance to connect with our elders and ancestors at the same time. Bird connects us all on a path that our ancestors were on to preserve the culture by practicing it. Sticking to the protocols of Bird, we have established the path for the future generations to follow.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Words from the Birds, Scenes from "We Are Birds" 2014



Scenes from We Are Birds 2014

 Cahuilla Bird Singers and Dancers along with Elder Wally Antone of the Quechan people talk about what We Are Birds is to them and their people.
The Women's perspective of bird shared by Leila and Victoria Chubb. They speak about their efforts to preserving bird as it was passed down to them.

 Derek Duro shares his views on people who sing and share bird in the wrong way, calling for the Birdsongs to stay within tribal boundaries and family bloodlines.

 Walter Holmes explains the complexity of Birdsinging and its life long responsibilities to continue the songs till the next person takes your place. Talks about how bird is being recognized everywhere and is growing in popularity.


Wally Antone

Walter Holmes Jr.

Leila Chubb

Victoria Chubb

Derek Duro

John Preckwinkle III

Chase Welmas



Albert Chacon

Larisa Broyles Chacon Phd


Music by:

Lost Harmonies

"Colors of the World"


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Monday, January 6, 2014

We Are Birds, Update on the Birds 2014


We Are Birds Update video 2014
Producer Albert Chacon Talks about his Birdsinging Documentary and where it has taken him to another level of Sharing and Preservation. Albert Shares on the Pros and Cons of making a Video project on his own people and what effects it has on Traditional values.
Off Track and it's influence on the Direction We Are Birds post production is heading... using the experience gained during the involvement with the Off Track production is mentioned as a positive influence. Another is knowledge of the Movie production process and how Native American People can get involved in making a proper movie about themselves with their involvement. advisory roles can be taken to ensure authenticity for the world to see, while at the same time keeping scared things secret and only within tribal bloodlines.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Scenes from "OFF TRACK" , Los Angeles and Palm Desert California

More about the film at...

Here are scenes from....
USC School of Cinematic Arts "OFF TRACK" production...
Directed by"
JP Jacobsen

Jay Tavare

Ryan Dorsey
Nicolas Charles
Bill Watterson

Produced by:
Drew Diamond
Priscilla Spencer
Daniel Leeds

 Juan Rubalcava

Carolina Costa

Native American Advisor:
Albert Chacon ------------- Apache-Cahuilla

Co Native American Advisors:
Dr. Larisa Broyles Chacon
John Preckwinkle III ------------- Cahuilla

Video and Photography produced by
Albert Chacon
NativeImagesPG/We Are Birds LLC

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Birds go "OFF TRACK" a USC thesis film / Bird Singers - Cahuilla Village

Torres Martinez Head BirdSinger: Derek Duro and Cahuilla brothers take part in the USC thesis film by singing Four Cahuilla Bird songs for the

 USC school of Cinematic arts Student Short Film "Off Track" production.

Directed by JP Jacobsen...
  ...Producer Drew Diamond contacted me through email about the project that I ended up being asked to be a Native American Consultant for their film.

My directive was to make sure everything that USC Production Crew was doing to make it as close to authentic Cahuilla for the time period as possible within the time constraints of production. Working with all the producers, My Wife, co-producer, and Anthropologist Dr. Larisa Broyles Chacon , and my co-native american adviser John Preckwinkle, Head of the Agua Caliente Cultural Committee and friend were also on hand for three days of production of the Off Track production in Los Angeles and Palm Desert California.

USC , you did an outstanding job in making our Cahuilla people respectfully represented by your Crew... my deepest appreciation extends outward to you and your Families who raised you all right.

 I'm so happy you all came to film our birdsingers, and ask our people for proper permissions before shooting,,, No one has ever done that, you guys are the First...

And to Jay Tavare, it was was a great Honor to work with an actor of your caliber. A chance of a life time to work with you didn't go unappreciated. Thanks Jay!

Thanks to Drew and Flora for contacting me and caring to making it the "RIGHT WAY"... Achuma....